A Not-so-Personal Essay on Closing a Shitty Chapter— 2 Years Later:

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This story isn’t going to be something unique to me, and if you’re reading this — you may be in the middle of a rough season or just finding your balance once again after life knocked you down once you walked across the graduation stage. For the past two years of my life, I felt like there were many moments where I was moving on auto-pilot; I went to work, I had drinks with friends, I saw my girlfriend, I spent time with family — but I always felt…

What being apart of an Invite Only Social Media Platform is like and What It Could Mean for Other Social Media Platforms:

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By now, I’m sure that you’ve heard about Clubhouse — a new social media platform that offers users a new method of communication through an audio-only experience, allowing people to connect in rooms and have conversations or simply listen. It’s almost like the world’s coolest speakeasy — we all know what and where it is, but you can only enter if you know someone inside who can let the bouncer know that you are cool.

Because Clubhouse is…

How I Realized that There’s More to Life Than Just Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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In North America, we are more obsessed with consumerism than ever before. More importantly, Social Media has made it easier to create the way that our lives look — even if it’s completely fake. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t only happen on Instagram — think about a time where you intentionally purchased a new outfit for an event knowing that you had a perfectly good outfit at home. Just like politics, it’s all about optics, baby.

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With the massive change that COVID-19 has caused in many industries as the world adjusts to the ongoing pandemic, it’s become clear that the way our grandparents built their living just isn’t going to work for you and I. We’ve all heard a family member stress the “go to school, find a job with a great company, start your family, then retire 45 years later” American Dream tale as old as time, and the coronavirus pandemic has only further depicted the difference of our reality in the 21st century. …

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It’s pretty strange that I’m admitting that I’ve got poor money management skills to the internet, but here we are!

To be honest, I’m exaggerating a tiny bit. I’m not the worst with money anymore because I spent several months learning more about finances and acknowledged my habits — I realized I had to grow up.

I had to stop complaining that “my parents didn’t teach me about money” and stop sharing meme after meme on Facebook about how I was just another millennial that failed because I never learned about money management in school and instead was taught how…

Disclaimer: This story is true, and it’s one of the first times that I’m being so vulnerable about medical history and the mental impact of not knowing that is going on with my own body.

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This experience that I’ve found myself in is not something unique to my situation, or even to my life. In fact, I’ve read about many people who have waited years and have fought hard with doctors in order to get understand a specific problem that they experience. I’ve been in those shoes, I’m still in those shoes and to say the least — it is…

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One of the most common questions that I get on a daily basis is how others, friends, family — even strangers who follow me on Instagram, are growing more curious on whether its possible to make an income that is based online and completely remote from an office setting. FaceBook is crawling with online Webinars dedicated to teach the everyday person how to use their talents to work for companies to do jobs such as Customers Service Techs and literally anything to do with coding. The catch with these webinars is that they usually charge you money for something at…

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Grocery shopping is that chore that we have to do, but none of us truly get excited about. Between paying $0.25 for a cart to forgetting why I even came to the store in the first place, it has never been something that I look forwards to every time that I’m going to the grocery store — but I need to eat to survive. Something that I noticed was that I picked up a number of habits that I learned from parents (sorry to throw you under the bus, Mom) from going grocery shopping that I only realized were wasteful…

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When I first had the idea to start a publication of my own on Medium, it was a scary thought. I wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested in speaking about anything even remotely relative to sustainability and our environment — but I know that my family was growing very tired of me speaking about ways that we could change our daily lives each chance that I could. …

I’ll be honest, I’m about as much of a millennial as it gets; I will literally search for an app to solve daily problems in my life far before I critically think about how I can solve the problem on my own. However as I get older, I start to notice that my own understanding of the world is changing and the same can be said for many others that are my age. …

Chris Lawrence

Copywriter | Content Strategist | Houseplant Collector

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