How to Successfully Start Working Remotely as a Freelancer in 2019:

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One of the most common questions that I get on a daily basis is how others, friends, family — even strangers who follow me on Instagram, are growing more curious on whether its possible to make an income that is based online and completely remote from an office setting. FaceBook is crawling with online Webinars dedicated to teach the everyday person how to use their talents to work for companies to do jobs such as Customers Service Techs and literally anything to do with coding. The catch with these webinars is that they usually charge you money for something at the end, which I’m not that fond of. Truth is, it is absolutely possible to create a solid Freelance Career that is completely remote, but let me start off by saying that it doesn’t fall into place overnight. While I’ve been actively working with Social Media and content creation for nearly half a decade, I still haven’t reached a point where I can say that my income is sufficient enough to retire early. I asked my audience on Instagram to submit any questions/doubts that they had about Freelance work and whether or not it is possible to work independent of a workspace.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t meant to be a one click solution that fixes everything, and you most certainly won’t strike gold right away. While it’s possible, be prepared to do the work. Far too many people are under the impression that making money online happens overnight and you are suddenly living in Beverly Hills partying with B-List celebrities. It takes a lot of work, and a great deal of planning. Freelancing isn’t a sudden “Get out of Taxes” plan, you still have to claim and there’s still a lot of responsibility that comes with it. This article is to give you an idea of how you can start establishing yourself as a Freelancer and overtime — have enough client work to be on the Sandy Beaches of Jamaica and delivering quality content.

Finding Freelance Work:

A lot of people who asked questions simply just had no clue where to start. “Where do I FIND clients?” “How long till Clients find Me?”. All really good questions, but there’s not only one answer. Finding Freelance work is tough in the beginning stage because I’ll be frank — Nobody likes the new guy. However, there’s an abundance of work to be done, and the list continuously grows by the hour. There’s company’s, such as VidIQ, that have a large infrastructure while having most of their employees being remote. Finding the right opportunities can be hard, but there’s a number of sites where Freelancers can create profiles and submit proposals to potential clients, be interviewed and hopefully hired. Upwork is by far the most common platform for Freelancers looking to gain a steady stream of work. In fact, The most common skills in Q3 of 2018 revealed that most companies were outsourcing various Tech-Based services, such as User Experience, App Design, Lesson Planning and Social Customer Service. My personal experience with Upwork has been tough, because they keep rejecting my profile because there’s not enough demand in the areas that I’ve tried to offer services (I type as a tear rolls down my left cheek, since a Millennial such as myself has a very difficult time with rejection of any sort). Regardless, I’ve seen postings for jobs such as Writing YouTube Scripts for popular Information Channels as well as Photo Editing. Despite not using the platform myself, a number of Freelance Friends that I have met do use the Platform and have formed lasting connections with clients.

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A site that I used to laugh at a lot in the past is Fiverr, but as of late it became a source of income that actually has been quite consistent. The time it takes for money to be processed on the platform is extensive, but there’s something that companies and individuals like about getting a great service for an even greater price. On Fiverr, I offer people and companies a complete Instagram Marketing Strategy starting at $5 going up to $25, depending on how in depth they want the service to be in a number of areas, like Hashtag Research and Detailed Analytics. Fiverr is a fantastic option if you want to deliver quick jobs at a more rapid rate, but at a lower price. Instead of taking on one project for $100, you take on 20 projects at $5. The important part is to pick a service that you can turn around quickly and don’t mind doing. If you don’t like proof-reading, then don’t offer to create a proof-reading service, because it’s going to mess with the profit margins of your service and your clients will not hesitate to give you a one star review. Fiverr isn’t only a great place to meet new clients and add them to your client list, but is a fantastic way to build your credibility with reviews that are provided after you deliver the work.

Keep your Clients Wanting More:

You may think that the goal is to get your client to send their payment and that’s the end of the story, but that’s untrue. Every client that I work with, I strive to provide them with a level of service that is not only above their expectation, but always want to keep them coming back to me anytime they are looking for similar work done. Freelancing is a competitive field, the amount of Freelancers grow rapidly each day. Freelancing is the new thing, and for good reason. We all want to reach a point of being in control of our finances and not have to worry about the woes that come with working a corporate job, such as being blind sided by being let go. Trust me, You want your clients to continuously hire you. Build that level of trust with your clients, if you said you would take 8 hours to complete a service but you can finish it sooner — DO IT. If you agreed to completing three articles, but you have time to add in a fourth one that relates to an idea — what is the harm in writing it if it’s not going to be much more work? Your client will be impressed, they’ll leave a positive review about how you blew them out of the water and most importantly — if they ever need more done, your hard work will come to mind. My goal is never to work with someone once, my goal is to work with people and companies on a continuous basis, each time impressing the client more and more.

Getting paid is important, but maintaining a healthy, consistent working relationship with your clients is just as important.

Stop Selling Yourself Short:

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We all do it, and it’s a hard habit to kick. Remember that boring Customers Service Workshop that an old job made you take for a weekend years back? Have that experience on your portfolio. Learned how to code in a Computer Science class in University? Even if it’s simple coding work, LIST IT. An employer is going to be more interested in finding ONE freelancer than has multiple areas of expertise. Even if it’s something that you passively did for your boss without realizing, it’s something that you can add to your resume and most importantly — something that will help land clients. Understand that you have a lot to offer, especially when the Freelance world is getting as crowded as a mall on Boxing Day. When any employer is looking to hire someone, they actively look for the person who sells themselves the best with their CV and the amount of experience they individual has.

Selling yourself short will rob you from opportunities time and time again.

Invest in Yourself & Your Skills:

One thing that I try to constantly do is dedicate time each week to learning new ways to better my skills, whether it’s considering enrolling in a course or watching YouTube Tutorials. Schedule time in your week to advance your craft even further, ensuring that you can offer more to clients and in turn charge a higher rate. Spending money on a course may seem frustrating, but consider it as an investment. Once the course is over and with the new potential clients that you’ll eventually reach, that money will be back in your pocket and then some. What is the worst that could happen, you are overqualified? No such thing. The best part is that it really doesn’t have to cost anything, I frequently use Photoshop for projects that I’ve been contracted for and I can flat out say that every skill that I have learned on Photoshop has come from YouTube — Major shoutout to Steven Van & Justin Odisho. It seems strange, but truly set time aside to build your skills and what you have to offer your clients because it will pay off in the end.

Don’t Let Rejection Stop You:

Just like with any job, there’s going to be times that you don’t land every position that you spend time drafting up a proposal for — and most times you just never hear back. It is a part of the business, but you can’t let it get you down. There was a time in my life where I physically didn’t know how to handle rejection when it came to opportunities, simply because I was far too prideful and my ego was too big. I felt that I deserved everything more than everyone in the room, which was my biggest failure. While I’m able to look back now and have worked to move forward, I’m a prime example that your ego and skill don’t always mean that you will be granted every opportunity. Sometimes you’ll be booked and busy, and other times you’ll be cutting it close to those month end bills. While Freelancing is great, rejection is a step you’ve got to keep in mind. Keep going, for every rejection — apply to two more jobs.

Being a Freelancer and getting to a point of working remotely is absolutely possible, but you do have to be willing to put the work in first and foremost. It can be difficult to navigate because you wear many hats while working for yourself, but it truly is the preferred way of many people around the world to make a living. My goal is to work as a Consultant from around the world, my work never being impacted as long as I can access the Internet. Freelancing isn’t for flipping a quick buck, and that mindset will probably get you scammed. If you want to work with companies while using your skills, you now know where to get started.

What are your thoughts about Freelancing? Let me know, I’m happy to talk. In addition, if you like this post and want to help others find it — consider hitting or holding down the applause button. Give that algorithm a kickstart, it always help! As always, feel free to Follow me on Medium for more articles just as awesome as this one! Thanks for reading!

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